My Ratings

When I began writing this blog I didn’t give ratings for the books I read. Then after  four years I decided to give ratings based on the Goodreads system.

But after much thought I’ve now decided not to rate books on my blog. The reviews on my blog are purely based on whether I enjoyed a book or not. I read books I think I’ll like so it’ll be rare to find a review of a book that I’m not enjoying.

The Goodreads system with my explanations for the books I have rated is as follows:

  1. I didn’t like it or didn’t finish it – there won’t be many of these as I’m quite picky about what I read.
  2. It was OK – I thought it was nothing special, but not bad.
  3. I  liked it – not at all a bad rating but generally not a book that had me rushing to finish it. Still a good, enjoyable book.
  4.  It was very good – I really liked it and wanted to get back to it each time I had to stop reading.
  5. It was excellent – or as Goodreads describes it ‘it was amazing’ – often a brilliant combination of plot, characters and description with a great sense of location. I like books that make me think or introduce me to new ideas or a new way of looking at things, so these will get a 5.

And then because often books do not quite fit into one of five categories some have a .5 rating, which I rounded up to a whole figure on Goodreads.