“A house without books is like a room without windows”: Horace Mann

We own quite a few books but I know from LibraryThing that many people own far more. There is not enough room in our house to shelve all the books we own, so one of the things we’ve been looking for in a new house is room for our books and bookcases. It’s hard.

Non-Fiction shelves
Some of our Non-Fiction

I’ve been surprised how few books other people own. Out of all the houses we’ve viewed there was only one that had a bookcase in the living room and books in the bedrooms. In one house there were cookery books on a shelf in the kitchen, but all the others were bookless! Everyone had a TV or two, but no books. And watching those house programmes on TV I see that very few people own books and no-one says they want room for books when describing what they are looking for in a new house.

How do people live without books?

Author: Margaret

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