RIP III Challenge

It feels like autumn is very near now, if not actually here as I’ve noticed the leaves are already turning golden on some trees. And it’s that time of year approaching, when “things go bump in the night”, or in other words it’s time for the RIP III Challenge, Readers Imbibing Peril. This year I’m not putting any pressure on myself but I’m jumping straight into Peril the First which is to read four books from any of the following sub-genres of scary stories between 1 September and 31 October. Carl, who is hosting the Challenge, suggests first of all to post a list of potential books and feel free to change any or all of them as we wish. That suits me and I may even read only one “scary” book. The sub-genres are:

Dark Fantasy.

My potential reading may be drawn from these books:

I think that’s enough to be going on with – I may change, add or subtract from this list.

Author: Margaret

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